Pillars of Brain Health

Pillars of Brain Health

At the core, we strive to help everyone maintain a healthy brain. Why?

Because it controls every single thing we do.

It helps us:

  • Carry out out routine daily tasks (usually without thinking about them)
  • Make decisions
  • Communicate with others
  • Plan and solve problems
  • Feel, think, and behave

It helps you take that memory of your child's first birthday party, tuck it into the back of your mind, and remember it on their wedding day.  

Our brain is so incredibly important, and we owe it to ourselves to take good care of it. 

There are things that we can do - things we have a decent amount of control over! - to help keep our minds healthy. 

The pillars of brain health we list below are the ones on which we've built the foundation for Busy Minds Box. 


pillars of brain health


Our pillars of brain health are not in any particular order, and they all equally contribute to brain health in some way.

This week, in celebration of Brain Awareness Week, we’ll be diving into each of these to explain how they contribute to brain health.

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