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Each month features a different theme and comes with an assortment of arts and crafts, puzzles, games, sensory items, and even a Memory Jogger to help relive the past.

Flower Power

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Because flowers affect our senses, like sight, touch, and smell, our brains are stimulated by flowers in different ways.

They also make for great teachers: they rely on us for attention, patience, and consistency. We learn how to nurture and care for something beyond ourselves, and we are rewarded with happiness and positivity when we see those blooms
take shape.

Your Flower Power box contains the following:

  • All the things to make your own Flower Pot Windowsill Scene (flower pots, string kits provided by J Pavey Designs, Styrofoam balls, artificial grass moss, and artificial flowers)
  • Wildflowers sticker book
  • Flower Power trivia game (Busy Minds original!)
  • Finger stretcher
  • Nature Print Sun Sensitive Paper
  • Memory Jogger: Tin watering can