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Each month features a different theme and comes with an assortment of arts and crafts, puzzles, games, sensory items, and even a Memory Jogger to help relive the past.

Memories Matter

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Make some memories with the Memories Matter box!

Now available as a single, this box includes a color-your-own calendar with colored pencils (and brain-shaped pencil sharpener!) to start off the new year with a bang.

Scratch your unique design into the scratch art frame, attach the included magnet, and stick it in front of your favorite photo on the fridge.

Who remembers the game of jacks? It's included in case you need a little pick-me-up (ha!).

Learn a little something about dolphins in this month's pamphlet as you cuddle your own (much drier) stuffed dolphin, fill out some cards to some cards to your dearest loved ones, or explore the two zines (small magazines!) created by fellow small business owner Kim at thankubody.